London Calling! Flying Tower Bridge with the DJI Mini 3 Pro


Last week I popped over to central London to have a fly around over the Thames and get some shots of Tower Bridge. Here a few of my favourites from the morning and a return visit later that day for sunset.

All shots taken with the DJI Mini 3 Pro in 48mpx mode and edited from the RAW/ DNG files in Photoshop.


Love the light in the sunset shots.


Nice pictures. :+1:

What height were you when capturing the 6th image?


Great shots! Where were you TOAL from? See any other drones about?

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I’m guessing here, not many other places to go is there?

Press the green button if you haven’t already. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Also Rotherhithe Beach I added to Drone Scene on the south of the river. A great location for a long run up to Tower Bridge.


Nice one but too brave for me. :rofl:


You still have line of sight to the bridge.

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@Doginabag Thanks Dave, I lucked out a bit with the sunset. :slight_smile:

@HantsFlyer Thanks very much. Was about 75-80m for this one.

@barnybug Thank you. I was flying from Hermitage Memorial Gardens (last photo, green bit on the left) Didn’t see any other drones, and not many people either.

Really captured the sprit of the Thames, great colour tones too.

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@Calm Thanks very much

Because light famously goes around corners. :wink:


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The physics of light. :wink:

Great shots! I live in the US, but was in London ten days ago with a Mini 3 Pro. I never considered flying there because I didn’t think it was possible. Lesson learned. I should have checked my Drone Assist!


Cough Drone Scene cough

Better product, more features, unbeatable support!


Stunning pics. On my doorstep too weldone.

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Great photos much braver than me there have been several nightmare stories of people losing their drones at that location due to interference from signal jammers or other interference there

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The Met Counter Drone Team lurking again? :joy: