London Town May Bank Holiday

Finally good weather and parents were up so no drone flying, did get out with the M50 though and playing more with manual settings…

Shooting in Raw editing in LIghtroom as on iPad seems to be the only app that views the canon raw files
Shutter speed started out 1/125 and increased to 1/500
ISO 100
WB Auto

Had this weird orange thing in the sky today that I haven’t seen for a while, any help appreciated with that :sunglasses:


Some nice shots there Steve :ok_hand:t2:
Don’t worry about that strange orange thing mate, I’m sure it will disappear just as quickly as it arrived :grin:


Nice photos of my home town. The bow of HMS Belfast reminds me of all those copies of Practical Photography I read where they took the comparison photos of the bow of HMS President on Victoria Embankment, I guess as it was just across the Thames from their offices in Blackfriars.

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Thanks both.

Peter you’re in a much nicer part of the country now. How long ago did you move up Norrh?

I love London for my current age, and been here for over 3 years now, but I think anymore than 10 years in central and it might be the death of me. For the minute though love being here

Have you ever been on the HMS Belfast?