Long drive... short flight! Manojlovački slapovi - Croatia

One for @group-fpv - tis a bit of a hike though. :upside_down_face:

This was an utterly bonkers adventure - well out of my comfort zone for so many reasons. Took an inordinate amount of planning, and ended up flying only once - but what a location. This is the Manojlovački falls in the middle of nowhere, about 90km from Zadar. (I’m in Zadar for work this week so have planned a couple of excursions whilst here.)

I found this place whilst looking for spots - there is even a ‘secret’ path that you need to find that runs out of the back of an abandoned house in the woods! :sunglasses:

There is then a pretty steep climb down to the middle section of the falls (some nice local has also added a couple of ropes to aid getting back up again - believe me, I needed them!

The falls are roughly 200ft, split over two main drops. I had soooo many diving dreams of zooming down the cliffs then diving the falls but once I got there, it felt so scarily tight and I basically bottled doing anything dramatic.

It was also super windy so above the tree line was pretty :face_with_peeking_eye: tbh.

Spot the salmon leaping at 30 seconds :astonished:

Kinda disappointed I only flew the once, had told myself prior to going that if I lost the kit, then the adventure was worth the risk… then I got there and went… naaaah. :joy: It was also 36° and the climb back out wasted me completely!

Magic day all round.


What a beautiful place. I would have taken a rod too.

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Wonderful location - worth the effort.

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Beautiful spot, well worth the effort I’d say.

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