Long exposure times

Hi I am keen to know how many seconds long exposure people are getting with their drones before the picture starts to get movement. Obviously wind will play a big part, but say on a windless day what can be achieved.
I have been itching to give it a go but each time I have time to try the weather gods wreck my plans.

I have had decent results up to 2 seconds on the mavic air 2 in pretty stiff breezes, a little less on mini 2. A lot depends on the gusts to be honest. If the wind is steady then generally there isn’t a problem. It’s when you get a big gust blowing out of no place, that tends to F things up.

I’ve had some decent pics at 4 seconds with a Mini 3.

When doing a couple of waterfalls last year I had dent results at 6 secinds using the Air2s with no breeze. All depends if you’ve wind mate🤣

And at 6 seconds was everything sharp ?

The closer stuff in shot was a tad out of focus so either got cropped out or tickled up in post. 4 seconds is better, I done the 6 to see how the water turned out

Yer best bet is to play about an see what you get.

That’s a lovely shot there Ady. Did you just set the exposure, but leave everything else on auto ?

I thought this was an interesting video about long exposures:

Cheers John.

I generally set to auto on iso and shutter, switch to manual on both then dial the shutter to - 3 on the EV, just to get shut of any overly bright parts. Seems to work :+1:.

Something I’ll add—which I’m bringing from my handheld photography experience—is to shoot many of the same image and of course only keep the sharpest.

This photo consists of several 3 second photographs stacked to produce the final photo, it was taken with my Mini 2 before I upgraded to the Mini 3 Pro

It was taken at around 1930hrs on a cold October evening and the Mini 2 was fitted with strong ND filter (not sure what ND number was)

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Nice one :+1::+1:

Quick question here- I’ve got the mini3 pro, but can’t seem to get more than 2 seconds out of it. Can you tell me how you got longer please?

It can depend on the lighting conditions at the time… I personally take long exposure at night and fly as high as possible to capture a 4 second shot.

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You can extend the shutter time by fitting an ND filter. Make sure that you have the ISO set to 100 too.

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Thanks. Hope to try today…