Long Range VTX Antenna

Hi all,

Haven’t beent flying for long, about 3 months now. In those 3 months the drone bug bit pretty damn hard (sorry to the Mrs for the lack of attention and finding out I’ve brought a drone to every outting we’ve been to :- :sweat_smile: ). I’ve gone all out and self built the following for future proofing:

SpeedyBee V2 FS225 Frame
SpeedyBee FC Stack including 45A ESC
TMotor F60 1950kv
Runcam Eagle V3
TBS Unify 32 Pro HV
TBS crossfire Micro TX V2 starter kit
Matek LED controller
Matek LEDs, 2 on each arm
Azure 5050 Pro 2

Running on GNB 4S and 6S

One thing that’s letting me down is the VTX Antenna. Can anyone recommend top spec VTX antennas for the following:
TX VTX antenna
RX diversity enabled headset antennas (Omni and directional)

Any help would be appreciated!!

What makes you think the vtx antenna is letting you down?

If it’s range it could be a couple of things.
I had some issues with range and found it was down to the settings I had.

I use either the standard tbs antenna that comes with the vtx or this one on my LR drone iFlight Albatross LHCP/RHCP 5.8GHz SMA FPV Antenna - Long | Drone Authority

I’ve had no issues with TrueRC antennas for the VTXs as for goggle antennas VAS are good :+1:t2:

What was the area/environment you were flying in and experienced poor range? This can have a dramatic detrimental effect.

Here’s an example that will go against most people’s thinking but I quite often use the linear polarised antennas that come with VTX’s and RX’ers. The reason being I usually fly in wide open spaces where multi-path is not a real issue. These antennas that most people throw away actually have a higher gain than the commonly used circular polarised antennas. I’ve happily flown out past 1km on 25mW using a dipole on both the receiver and transmitter with minimal breakup.

However if I were to use the same antennas in a built up area I think I’d be lucky to get further than 100m without loosing video as a linear antenna is not as effective as a circular antenna at rejecting multi-path signals.

My default antenna setup is a Raptor Omni from Menace RC and a Triple Feed Patch, which is an opensource design, I picked up off Amazon. These seem to work best with the receiver I have in my goggles.

A couple of things to check.

If you are using circular antennas ensure they are both the same polarity. I’ve made this mistake myself especially with antennas that look very much alike at first glance.

How do you select the channel on your goggles? If you just scan for your signal there’s a very high likelihood that you’re tuned to the wrong band. As an example I generally use Fatshark channel 8 (5880MHz), but if I scan for that channel it invariably stops on E5 (5895MHz) because the signal is so strong when I’m close to the transmitter. If I were to fly without correcting for this error my flight would be very short before I go blind.

:point_up_2:what he says​:point_up_2: You can’t go wrong with VAS aka ibcrazy and True RC have developed good over the last year

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HI all,

I tried updating the antenna on TX side first and it’s made a mahhooosive difference.

I went with the suggestion and looked at an IBCrazy type antenna and settled with “TBS Triumph Pro Long Range Antenna” since most things are sold out.

Thanks for all your helpful advice!!