Look what just arrived & I have enrolled for a Drone Flying Course

Ok i just bought this little expensive piece of plastic for my drone training course

Yep I am booked to take the course in June and will keep you updated on the process
Its not cheap but my company (self employed) is paying for it i had a work with the boss(myself) and he Ok’d the cost
Its down south… (note to self must get the passport ready) in Newton Abbey its a 5 day course as i am a little older and slow on the uptake i though it being a more spread out curriculum (plus if you fail you have an extra two days to resit)
Its residential so 6 days away from the Wife always a plus
travel down from UP NORTH so i booked an extra night which isn’t a bad price
see itinerary below
Has anyone else taken the train or thinking of doing?

12.5hr days! :open_mouth: Hope your paying yourself overtime.

May I ask “How much?”

its a lot more than a 3 dayer £1500 but includes double room and 3 meals a day
for 5 and an additional night on the 5th day oh and the day before so 6 nights total so i will drive down day-1 then start the course and come home on the day after it finishes
I’m a member of the RPS (royal photographic society and have been down to Bath a few times for various things its a long drive so that extra night will come in handy

The site has 95 acres of land to fly in plus being down south it maybe better weather than up north past the WALL

= 2.5 MPs! :open_mouth:

Good luck with that one! :+1: :wink:

But you can only fly one at a time and i can’t get payed unless i have a CAA permit

ok the site is below I did look at other options closer to home but for me and my older grey matter it looks like a slower paced option plus they have a bar…:grinning: and as i said a week away from the wife who said hurray when i told her… something about being able to use the remote and something else but i lost interest

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Sounds good, it will be very interesting to here your feed back. Good luck…:four_leaf_clover:

@sparkman999 - I looked at the CDT course when I was planning my PfCO and watched a couple of videos on YouTube from former students. It does look like a good course but be prepared to put in quite a lot of work in the evenings doing your Ops Manual - your timetabled 8.5 hours workshop won’t be enough - my took considerably longer to complete.
What drone will you be using on the course? Before you go get as much time in the air flying under ‘Atti’ mode as that’s the crucial part of the flight test - hovering and manoeuvring without GPS assistance in wind, even relatively light wind, requires practice, lots of it, to become confident.
My Ops Manual was based on an Inspire 1 Pro. If you are flying the same get in touch and I might be able to give some assistance. In any event, enjoy yourself and good luck.

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Thanks @BCF

I will be using the Mac Pro for the training so will have to do the Ops Manuel relating to that I have got some training notes already which I will be looking at later tonight there may be some info in there for help with producing one
I know it will be specific to the mavic for now but I will at some point in the future look to up to an inspire (after I have robbed another bank)
thanks for the heads up on flying “atti” I have taken a sabbatical for a few months to concentrate on my photography and possible drone work too, hence giving me the time to practise more with the drone prior to the course (lets hope for good weather)
Thanks for the offer of your op manual but as you say it relates to your drone but if you think it may be of use then I wouldn’t mind a look at one non the less.