Looking for a drone club near Hinckley

I have just purchased a DJI inspire1 and just wondering if anyone knows if there are any regular meets round the Hinckley area? Unfortunately, this hobby is off no interest to those I know, so I’m all alone and sad (when it comes to drones):joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Be good flying with others and gaining some knowledge​:+1::+1:

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Hi Marcus. There are a few of us who meet up near your area. Keep an eye on the club meetup category :+1:


And please feel free to start a meet up of your own!

As Karl says, there’s a significant contingent around that area, just shout when you’re going out to play and @mention a few people nearby (see members map) and also tag @group-westmidlands :slight_smile:


Hi Marcus, as for gaining knowledge - ask away. There are plenty of people on here happy to pass on the knowledge they have (painfully) gained in their journey from beginner and quite a few of us with Inspire experience too. :slight_smile:

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Try here, pop over to the shop, have a coffee and have a friendly chat.

Midland Helicopters Club is now open - join today | Midland Helicopters Ltd