Looking for someone that can film at my wedding (Sheffield)

Hi Am just after a bit of Help or information.
Am getting married in Oct next Year,
& Really want a drone to follow me from my home to the church.
The church is only around the corner So am wondering if anyone Could do it for us ?
We will pay of course!
Am in sheffield if anyone could help or know any drone Hire shops ect ect i will be very grateful for any help thanks :slight_smile: for reading.

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No promises, but I might be able to do it, depends on the kind of thing you want. If you could give me some further details that would be great and I can let you know if it’s something I’m able to do

I only want the drone to follow me from my home to the church and maybe a high up picture of the guest :grin:

Hi @Dave probably someone closer but I could have a look at it, dependent on distance etc etc would need more info

what info do you need?

The church is about 5 mins away if that,

Let me know what information you need I will reply :grin:

Postcode of Church or yours PM if you like

Ok I will pm you as soon as the mr gets home

I have no idea how to on here haha sorry he knows more then me :grin:

Click on my logo then select message

Any updates on this one @Dave? @Mungmeister?

Yes in touch :+1: