Lost Assistant 2 for phantom

Some reason it’s gone from my iPad and just will not re down load, the phantom 4 needs an update but unable to install and the battery in the controller keeps saying it’s flat, in a bad way any inside appreciated

You mentioned an iPad, do you mean DJI Assistant? Or do you mean DJI GO? :thinking:

I had the assistant 2 on my ipad but it has gone of the pad and I cannot get it back, I have down loaded it but it will not install so Im unable to update. DJi GO is still there and works but no fly due to updates needed.

To the best of my knowledge the Assistant 2 software was only available for Windows and MacOS.

The Naza V1 and V2 assistant (Assistant NM) and the A2 controller assistant (DJI A2) are the only iOS APPs available.



Cant you just do the updates through GO?

Agreed, there’s never been a mobile version of DJI Assistant.


And/or install Assistant on a computer and do it that way.

While you’re at it, you might as well go the whole hog and go back to a decent firmware ;o)

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If I remember, there is no roll back on the Phantom 4, must dig mine out of its case, and have a look.

that may be best solution. thanks

the one I was using seemed fine, not had chance fly for quite a few months so controller and drone wanted updates, controller fine but untill I get the assistant 2 to load and update the 4 will not do anything only beep at me

Dementia !, is setting in Chris !.

I used DUMLdore to update my goggles. The DJI update was hanging at 78% and no matter what I did they would not update.

success updated through my Mac ordered a Hub to attach to the USB-C and it all went well.

thanks for the help