Lost signal - heart in mouth for 30secs

Just got back from Menorca, great time, good images for the villas had to shoot, However

Gave myself a bit of a moment when filming some stock forgot where I was standing in relation to where the drone was flying and went behind a big cliff while 50 ft above sea.

LOST SIGNAL message, took a moment for the RTH to kick in, even then still not sure until popped back into view, PHEW!

New pants needed, lesson learned (until the next time)


Was your RTH height set higher than the cliff? Or did it head towards the cliff face and obstacle avoidance kicked in?


above the cliffs, i did take a moment to work it out but i was on top of the cliffs in the bay so was fine

If i’d been on the beach might have been interesting

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I have seen this on yt when one guy fly behind of big cliff and also lost signal… Or I should write BiG rock … That’s why you have lost signal…

Can you upload some footage from this moment? As this could be interested what and how drone survive. :slight_smile:

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Some people (well, one) has managed to fly the other side of an whole island … :wink:

And, as a result, managed to provide the best ever demonstration of both RTH and Obstacle Avoidance

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The thread I referred to in my last post is this one.

If you’ve ever had any doubts trusting either RTH or Obstacle Avoidance … just run through that thread, especially the full video.

(Poor @colinbm - I’m always dragging up this one - but it’s really rather impressive and amazing!)


I enjoy the notoriety :smiley:

30 seconds?! That’s nothing.


Yeah, I agree. Hey @PingSpike , can we have a longest time without signal badge? I’m in the running.


That about 2 months now? :rofl:


In case anyone missed that phenomenal opening line. Whatttt? Is that what a PfCO gets you? I’m signing up immediately! :laughing:

Yeah go on, rub it in.:upside_down_face::neutral_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thursday, I’ll be back in the air.


That’s great news Ash !.

Have also been grounded for months. Long weekend in Lapland in a month, so should get some opportunities there. Hoping for some aurora! Not sure how clear that’ll be on the drone camera though.

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Sounds like a scary experience you had, good that it came back in one piece though. Has happened to me sometimes where I lost track of where my drone was but never lost signal as well. That’s the worst feeling when you think you’re going to lose your drone :fearful: