Lots of Mavic Pro goodies for sale

Hi everyone.

I’ve got a load of Mavic Pro accessories for sale, putting them up here for GADC members before I put them on eBay so shout if you want any of it :slight_smile:

Brand new / boxed / unused:

Mavic Pro Batteries (two available) - £70 each SOLD

Mavic Pro Props (set of 4, not 2 like other places!) (two sets of 4 available) - £10 per set of 4 SOLD

Official DJI Mavic Pro Shoulder Bag - £40 SOLD

Mavic Pro gimbal dome, rubber cover and gimbal lock - £7 SOLD

Mavic Pro battery-to-USB-powerbank-adaptor - £10 SOLD

Mavic Pro 12v Car Charger - £28 SOLD

Strobon led clips (set of two, one for each rear leg, lights NOT included!) - £10 SOLD

Used, but in mint condition:

Mavic Pro remote controller (three months old) - £175 SOLD

Mavic Pro Battery Charging Hub - £20 SOLD

Getterback 3D printed mounting bracket (single-sided, not double-sided. GB not included) - £10

All prices include signed-for delivery.

Any use to anyone? Either reply here or PM me!

Photos available, just ask :+1:

The whole lot goes on eBay at the weekend :smiley:

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Could I have the gimbal dome please…

Sure thing - just to be clear, this is the genuine DJI dome cover (all three parts included), and not the aftermarket ones on ebay with the ‘prongs’ inside the dome:


Just making sure you know what you’re buying here :smiley:

thats grate thanks can you send me payment details please ie PayPal cheers

You have a PM Andy mate :+1:

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Last few bits remaining, prices reduced to clear :+1:

(prices listed include delivery)

Update: Just added a Mavic Pro Battery Charging Hub to the list of stuff still available.