Loving the DJI air unit and goggles

Just a bit of footage from first few flights… I’m giddily recording every flight like a newbie…!

Yes, there’s quite a lot of frame in the shot, need to adjut camera positioning.

Also, this is the goggle feed, as I’m using caddx which has no onboard as card

And no acrobatics… I’m not yet trusting my gyro after some earlier crashes…I want to have a quad that lasts a full week between rebuilds…


Hi Tom. As a newbie I’m still learning lol. What goggles are you using and do they connect easily to the air 2? Anything you can let me know would be a help. Cheers.

Unfortunately you need something a lot uglier than an Air 2 for the DJI FPV system to work with… Something like this

The difference is, the DJI FPV system (below) is designed for racing drones which don’t have any of the stabilisation features that the camera drones have

Having said all that, FPV is amazing fun, and should definitely be tried by anyone who loves the flying aspect of drones rather than just the photography aspect


That looks great, I enjoyed that :ok_hand:

Thanks for that Tom… It shows I misunderstood you post a bit. The FPV/flying side of drones is the side I’m more interested in but the photography side has its place - I’m off to the Tamar Valley area mid June - to join the Mrs (Sue) and her parents - so I’ll be taking my air 2 and mini 2 to get some pics/video. Sue likes lots of photos when we go away lol. I am interested in exploring the FPV side though because I find the flying more interesting.


I got into FPV about two years ago and theres loads of folk here who helped me get started.

I think the general recommendation is to get yourself a controller and start of practicing on a sim like velocidrone until you can get your head around FPV physics because it’s a bit of a mind twister to start off with.

Then you can start with a whoop or a three inch quad and let yourself loose on the world…!


Really enjoyed that @tom.at.rye.

Some cracking footage

Looks great fun that. Nice video work.

Well after watching that link I found myself watching several more an seeing how mad drone racing is, it’s far beyond my capabilities hahaha. I think what I’m interested in at the moment is being able to use the goggles and fly freely as you did in your original piece of video… You never know, it may lead to me being a bit more adventurous and exploring racing. I guess at the moment what I’d like to be able to do is get an FPV view from something like my mini 2 or air 2… Or something similar.

Maybe you want a pair of these… Which I happen to be selling…? :thinking:

They’re FPV goggles that work with DJI camera drones

How convenient hahaha…I guess the first question is, how much? Then, how easy are they to connect, whats the operating distance (actual distance) and what’s the latency like? I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about - it’s just an illusion hahaha.