Loving the Mini2

First time out with the Mini2 this morning and I have to say that I am impressed, flies as solid as my M2P and so quiet. Great bit of kit.


Down by the go kart track?

It really is an impressive performer :+1:

Love the colour :+1:

Yep, somewhere quiet for test flight.

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Yep, I put the same colour on the M2P as well, helps with VLOS a little bit but not that much.


Probably help you find it if it ever comes down somewhere too.


Diveuk, love the colour, when can you by these stickers?

Search on ebay for DJI MINI 2 skin :wink:

Ebay, search for a seller called "Buzzin Drones ".

This awesome! Can’t wait to get mine up just struggling with spare time with work.

Love the skin too will definitely have to seek something similar out.

@ResilienceUAV check this thread out: Have you wrapped your bird?

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I thought the first photo was three recycling bins and was wondering why you took the photo :joy: :joy:


Try this on eBay 333894774056.
He will mix colours so you van have arms/legs different.

Daft question how much weight does this add,looks great.

Mini 2 now weighs 247g(by my uncalibrated scales).

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Yeah fantastic little drone i think only used mine twice tho and fully threw my trust in it. Dodging pigeons and roof tops. Seems fantastic drone tho.

Thanks for that .
Another daft question, how hard / fiddly are they to fit ,how long did it take you to fit .
Make your drone look unique and personal.
Also as you say should help with spotting it as a little hard to see in flight

Agree with this, had mine since January, only taken out a few times but as a novice drone pilot, it’s been really easy to learn and started getting more creative.

Did almost lose it over water once, battery ran low quick, that was a steep learning curve but the overall footage is amazing!

About an hour, use a piece of plastic(Tescos club card is perfect)to help get rid of any air bubbles and a hairdryer on warm setting to activate the glue once you are happy with placement.