Have you wrapped your bird?

And no, I’m not talking about putting a blanket over your girlfriend :roll_eyes: :rofl:

I know @RaRaRasputin has (but I think he’s yet to post pics here (hint, hint!)) and I think it looks mental :+1:

Seriously tempted…

Anyone else done theirs?


I keep thinking about doing it Just to try and keep birds away, not that bothered about the aesthetics though

I will pop a post up soon with pics of my wrap (you can see it in my profile pic), along with a cutting pattern that I used for people to download (using wife’s Cricut machine).

I put eyes and shark teeth on mine too, which I am lead to believe scares the bejeysus out of the birds.


V. Nice. I do like carbon fibre

Nice one @Ktm250 :+1: :wink:

Here’s mine


Do the eyes and teeth put the birds off, rapping mine red seems to make them think twice of having ago at it…

Damn that colour-changing wrap is cool!!

I’m even more tempted now :smiley:

Not sure about the eyes, but the 3 coloured Strobon Cree LEDs on it will blind the little buggers!

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Do the Strobon interfere with video ? I have my front red lights off all the time

Maybe in the dark, but a recent video I shot at a reservoir in the daytime, there was no noticeable colour spill

I had red and green LEDs attached to the front extended legs pointing forwards.


Cheers I keep putting them in my basket and then removing them, I think a skin some Cree and a set of shark teeth are getting purchased.
Great video

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just ordered a set of Cree, didnt no they existed thanks for the info :+1::grinning:


I run two Cree’s aswell!

Both on the back legs, but one pointing forwards and one pointing backwards. Really helps with spotting the bird at distance :+1:

I also bought some of these too: https://www.phantomhelp.com/MPStrobonCreeMounts/

(Not cheap tho!)

Bought the Strobon Cree’s from Flytron in the UK.

Got mine from same place too.

Got some heavy duty velcro and attached them to the extended landing gear.

Gives me the option to pull them off if I don’t want them on but still want the landing gear on the bird, although I am lazy and will just probably leave them attached but turned off lol.

Following on from @Ktm250 posts about going skinny dipping and only seeing the drone under water because it was wrapped, I’m now REALLY tempted…

I also think it’d stand out if snagged in a tree somewhere too.

Mental note, don’t buy a camo skin. Eh @ziceman :rofl:

So I’m now on the hunt…

What are people’s preferred make?


I am so so pleased I wrapped it red, I definitely would not have found it in the deep murky water, if it was its original colour it would still be holding its breath…

So we’ve got the big players like DecalGirl and DroneWrap Japan, are there any others out there?

I’ve heard great things about DroneWrap re quality and fit, and DecalGirl being a little short on fit and of lesser print quality?

Obviously after this post I will be keeping my title a wee bit longer lol.

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