Low Cost FPV With DVR poor pilot with glasses

This was my low tech solution. +2.5 reading glasses mounted with white tack.

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Love it. Classy that you used white tack, not blue tack.

I have astigmatism so need lens. Currently waiting for a cheap kids sized pair to arrive and/or butchering a old pair to put in a 3d-printed mount. Drone still in packaging without a maiden flight.

You do know you can fly it without goggles. :wink: Just do a quick LoS flight, back and forward, left and right, maybe some turns. Get a feeling for the hover point. Then when you goggle up it will be easier.

Yes could do, but first I need to grow some, …

Not rush - I thinking my first flight could be Big Meet-up.

I’m sure a few of us will coach you. Some short runs in angle is a good place to start. Just fly 25m away, turn around, fly back. nothing crazy. But by the end of the weekend, we should have you doing power loops. Just get your sim stick time in and learn acro mode. In a big open field, acro is fairly easy as long as you can keep it moving and level.

As Matt said, we’ll all help. Flying a drone manually is hard. Fpv’ing it is disorientating too. But by the end of the big meet, you’ll have the basics mastered.
We’ll also have repair facilities on site too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It is hard, but if you fly for 40 mins per day in acro in a sim, it’s more nerves than hard. if you can take off and pitch forward a little then just fly, yeah it’s not that hard. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

To fly proximity in acro, yeah that is hard. Flying a bando is a different beast to flying an open field. in an open field you essentially have a large box of nothingness, or maybe some trees, but essentially nothing serious besides crashing can happen. In a bando there is much to collide with. Many ways to crash. Avoid bandos until you can fly fairly well. Stick to open areas. Even flying in a car park is slightly hard. When i flew Selby the other week i flew a pack in the car park and I found it quite annoying, but not impossible. Plus the wind was blowing quite hard so i was getting pushed towards trees and lamp posts a lot. Still going back at some point. :slight_smile:

But the key to learning it is using a sim. Fly angle for a week, 40 mins a day/night. You actually process and learn the stuff while you sleep. After a week, fly acro for the same amount of time per day. After 2 weeks you should be able to fly around in the sim, in acro, for as long as you want and maybe do some basic tricks. But we’ll sort you out on the 9th. :smiley:

I did the same with my first set of analog goggles. Worked perfectly and cost less than a few quid

Few tweaks needed, but very old lens with new holder.

Will refine and upload the STL and cad files. Just waiting on post for new lens.

No… Sorry this is just bad advice. Maybe for 5 mins, but if you spending time on SIM just start acro/air/manual whatever it calls. it. Angle won’t help at all with fpv quads. 40 mins a day for a week on angle and then starting acro? Have to relearn from start.

Just keep.moving forwards, then do circles figures of 8. Don’t try and hover… Acro, move forwards learn throttle and then rolls etc.

Depends how you learn, also what sort of flying you want to do. I flew angle for many (30-40) hours and it took me about 20 mins to learn acro. I already had the flight basics down from flying angle for so long. I still use angle in the back garden and sometimes when landing in strong winds. I also tend to fly an angle pack at a location prior to flying acro, just to feel it out in a leisurely way with the possibility to just hover in one place. Much harder to hold a single location in acro, without maybe position hold functionality on INav.

The middle ground would be to use acro trainer. It gives you the pluses of acro but won’t let you do anything unusually stupid like go upside down, until you allow yourself that functionality.

But it’s up to the individual. Not everyone learns things the same way. Some can learn to fly acro out of the box, others struggle to stay in the air using angle after 20 hours flying and ould have no hope in acro. There is no perfect way, only the way that is good for the individual. Also if you have very little money/are poor, not smashing the crap out of your kit is probably high on your list of requirements.

On a sim, by all means fly in any mode you want, acro, horizon, acro trainer, etc. You can’t destroy your quad on a sim. But you can when flying IRL. If you can afford to replace frames, motors and electronics regularly, then maybe just learning in acro is for you, but not everyone can afford to do so. For some if they break the quad they don’t fly for the next month or two.

I agree with this :+1:t2: counter productive…