Low Level Over Water

This is my first attempt at low level flying, and it was over water, perhaps not the best thing to do. I have not really done much editing of this as the point was to get feedback on the low level flying. What are the risks of the MP attempting to land, and should I turn off the collision software to stop it thinking it is too close to the water, or land if low level flying over it. I guess there would be more risk of hitting something on the ground.
Mine you I nearly hit some bushes at the edge of the pond.

Feedback greatly appreciated.



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… but perhaps not this low. :wink:

Phantom 2 - so no obstacle avoidance and precision landing to complicate things. :wink:


I wanted to edit my post on this thread, is there a time limit on the ability to edit, as I can’t seem to do it now?

Yup. 10 mins.

Oh ok, just I noticed a typo about an hour after I put it up. Doesn’t really matter.

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I just tried to edit that computer issues post which was done about 2 hours ago and it let me in to do it, so I guess it is more than 10 minutes.

Drop the gimbal and it’ll look lower still. I turn off anything to do with auto landing and you should be fine. Even at 2 metres you’ll look really low

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I was flying at about 1m over the water with nothing turned off, I ended up flying sideways a bit and nearly into the bushes. I’ll have to look at the settings next time I go to fly or set it up at home.

Good effort. I took footage of a stream running past an old water wheel. I did a scout flyby first. Then I flew past the wheel and dropped low over the water in (tripod mode) and flew backwards towards me. When you play back the video, the scene slowly un folds before you. I would recommend it when you feel confident enough. Shot mine with DJI Spark. No proof I’m afraid but it was stunning.

Can we see it then…

As I stated, I can’t prove it as I no longer have the footage.

Oh that’s a shame, why not try it again…

Yes I intend to do it again when I get a chance.