Lulworth cove, Dorset


Great pics of a fantastic part of the world that’s been a big part of my life.

These get you the Coastal Flyer Badge on your profile, too! :+1:

Thanks @OzoneVibe it is such a beautiful place to visit and fly.
I can’t help but keep going back there.

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Hi Lewis, great photos, always wanted to fly there, can you tell me where you take off from?

The Lulworth Estate can be a bit touchy as they have banned taking off from the Estate, they also try to ban us from flying over their land, they don’t own the airspace so they can’t really enforce it.

Hi @AprilCoon thanks,
I normally try and find a quiet area where there’s not to many people off to one side out the way as to not attract to much attention,
As far as I’m aware on their website they say it’s company policy to prohibit the use of drones not a bye-law in force so I don’t really know how that works, but you’re right they don’t own the airspace.

I tend to stay over this side far less busy and out the way.


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Love them @lewiswaite23 :+1:

Makes me want to find a bit of coast!

Hi, thanks, I can see from your red circle that it would be much quieter than the other side, but how do you get there and could I get there on a small mobility scooter?

Yeah it is much quieter, I’m not to sure about accessibility as I walk around the cove to reach it, you may be able to reach it by path road from that side but I’m a bit unsure sorry.

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Good pictures Lewis a nice part of the UK to fly…

Really nice pictures Lewis I will have to visit this place