Lume cube

Can anyone help me justify this purchase?

Even on Amazon they aren’t very cheap. I was looking at them with the intention of getting one.

Seems a bit steep for a torch!!

Nope :rofl:


It depends what you want it to do I guess? :thinking:

I’m sure you’ll get a badge…:nerd_face:

Flying the Mav around at night like it was a UFO? Surely that gotta count for something?

One of my creations some years ago, it’s not a Mavic which didn’t exist…,:nerd_face:


You made that??

Blimey even I can see that without me glasses on. Brilliant.

“Got all the bits from HobbyKing, Banggood and Maplins. I haven’t flown it for ages.

Currently, $189 is still cheaper than ÂŁ189
Not looked at shipping cost.

I remember when these were discussed previously (First Look : Lume Cube mounts on the DJI Mavic Pro) I rather liked the mounts, since they could be very easily used to attach other things. A GoPro, for instance.