Lume Cubes and Mavic Pro mount for sale

I have 3 second hand Lumecubes that I’m looking to sell on. Happy to let them go for £30.00 each if anyone’s interested?

I used them on my Mavic Pro and still have the mounting arms as well - would sell for £20.00

Everything in good working order and all have minimal use.

Items located in either Gloucester (during the week) or Manchester (during the weekend).

Can send by post if preferred but must ask for £2.50 to cover P&P please.




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Hi Brian.
Are they Lumecube 2 or the earlier one? Cheers

I’m not sure. I bought them around 2 years ago, so assume that they are the originals.

I can check them on Monday and confirm.

They were purchased in March 2018 so I would say that they are v1 LumeCubes.

Easiest way to differentiate … the original were Micro-USB charging, and LumeCube2 are USB-C charging.

Also LumeCube2 have an LED between the the two buttons.


… and the on/of and +/- buttons are clearly marked on the 2.

Ahhh thanks very much - that makes things very clear. All 3 are V1 LumeCubes - 100%.