Rules for posting in the For Sale & Wanted category

Drone parts and accessories. For sale and wanted classifieds.

Grey Arrows Drone Club provides this category in order to allow the buying and selling of drone related items.

Before creating a new topic please ensure you are a Full Member – Only Full Members can create new topics in this category. All members can reply and interact with existing topics.

Please follow these simple rules.


When listing an item for sale:

  • Description
    – One-liner adverts won’t sell
    – People love details - Be descriptive
    – Be specific, list Makes, Models
    – Boxed? Let your audience know
    – Damaged? Be honest

  • Photos
    – All items for sale must be accompanied by photographs of the item(s)
    – Any topic created without photos will be unlisted until photos are added

  • Price
    – All items for sale must have a price included
    – Let people know if you’re open to a near offer (ono)

  • Location
    – You must include your location (County level will suffice)

  • Delivery or Collection
    – You must state if your item will be available for collection, delivery, or both
    – If delivery is an option you must state your intended shipping method (Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For, UPS Insured, etc)
    – If delivery is an option you must state any additional delivery costs

  • You may post links to your items for sale on other websites such as eBay, Gumtree, etc.

  • The selling of drones, accessories and other items related to the flying of drones are allowed (eg. phones and tablets). Do not post non-drone related items for sale in here, they will be removed.

  • If your item has been sold (even if sold through other channels), please be courteous and let us know so we can update the topic title.


When posting a new “Wanted” topic:

  • Include the word “Wanted” in the topic title

  • Be clear about what you are looking for
    – Include Makes and Models if you’re looking for something specific

  • Location
    – Include your location (County level will suffice)

When purchasing an item that another member has listed:

  • Caveat emptor
    – Do not let your heart rule your head
    – If it looks too good to be true, it probably is
    – Buyer beware

  • Obtain a phone number
    – Is the seller reluctant to provide one? This should raise your suspicions
    – Is FaceTime / a video call an option?
    – Can they prove they are who and where they say they are?

  • Get some history on the item
    – How long have they had it?
    – Where did they get it from?
    – Why are they selling it?

  • Payment
    – Do not use direct bank transfer
    – If using PayPal, do not send the money as a “Gift”

  • Report it
    – Think someone is up to no good? Report it.

Not buying?

  • Do not participate in the topic unless it is helpful
    – Helpful replies could be asking for more photos or other useful information

  • Do not inform the world you can get one cheaper elsewhere
    – This is neither helpful or nice

Grey Arrows Drone Club has no involvement in any transaction, nor does it guarantee the accuracy of any advertisement.

If fraudulent activity has taken place, Grey Arrows Drone Club will aid in any legal investigation where requested to do so by the appropriate authorities.


We have updated the above post in order to offer some guidelines for sellers and some guidance for buyers.