Lynmouth by Mini 2

Hopefully you’ll enjoy a little of North Devon.


Thanks for posting your video…

I must admit that video is a great asset to photography. They both have their uses but this live video took me back to my many visits to that area… Lynton and Lynmouth. I recognised it even though it was from and angle i would never have been able to view it from.

A very pretty place.

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Thank you.
It is indeed an incredibly pretty place. I wanted to fly further up the river Lyn but I was getting high winds warnings and I didn’t want to disturb people, although as can be seen in the video people didn’t even realise it was there.

Even in my limited time of actually flying the drone, i’m amazed at the stabilising of the video head…!

You see the drone bobbing around in the wind and not see any of it in the footage.

I think you were wise to limit the flight distance.

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