Lyvden New Beild - Added to Historic Buildings in the East Midlands region on the map at

I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at


Thanks for adding to the map @Skyrunner1

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Went today to try and fly there but no joy, workmen and NT staff there, just used my phone to get a few pictures may go back when time prevails.
Lots of ground to use Mavic Air 2 so nice.
Where did you take off from really long grass etc.

Hi, this was done about 2 years ago pre Covid. Grass was short and well kept. Did go there about April this year for a walk and yes grass long and place closed. We did sit on a bench to the left of the house (as you approach). Best time to go is late afternoon/early evening and just be aware of a glider club about 2 mile away.

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Thanks for info, was not planning to go above 50 mtrs high and just around that house area etc, did ask the staff about the history while there.
Just a pity they don’t let you book after hours for drone picture taking for a small fee, could make extra revenue.