Lyvden New Beild


My first attempt at a video. All comments and criticism taken on board.


Well done, the only thing is it appears that you might be flicking the yaw stick for the pan. Did you get permission to fly?

Here is a clip Of mine 8 years ago with a home build, the gimbal was analog servos, so quite jumpy, the camera was a GoPro.


Nice video @Richardbuchan :smile:

At 4:40 did you mean to catch yourself in the shot? Looked like you tried to make a hasty retreat on foot :blush:


No I didn’t. Just after that I fell over, watching the drone and not where I was going. Lol


Yes I phoned before they closed and they said ok but glider club just across the road as a reminder. No one at the house and no one bothered me. Left my house on a calm afternoon and blowing gale force at location.


Nice video, different opening reveal shot which works better than mine. Some nice transitions also. Nice.


I’ll have to go up there again and shoot with the Inspire and Mavic Pro, it just shows how far our toys have come.:smirk:


Yeah, my first was a f40 I think. My p3 standard I gave to my grandson and I am left with a magic pro and a spark.


Hi Richard
As has been said look at your yaw settings I have same problem on my videos I have tried now to put an edit where the yaw isn’t good or jerky or the other option is to use the tripod mode but that does slow everything down a bit to much also the point of interest may have been a good idea
What did you use to edit? Do several tests with it and try different setting maybe shorten the length if you look at my YouTube you will see that I am trying out different settings speeding up where it does move too slow
But do enjoy we all need constructive criticism to help us improve and I’m not perfect
Well done though for a fist attempt


Typo? My Mavic isn’t magic …


Ooooh I don’t know :thinking:
It’s like magic after years of home makes…:nerd_face:


Blooming autocorrect.:joy::joy::joy:


More accurately …. Autoincorrect!


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