M2 Camera/Gimbal Hand Held device


This is something that might interest the M2 people … and apparently there’s some kind of announcement about it next week.


Isn’t this just an Osmo? :thinking:


Oh right, I see now, built in screen :+1:t2:


But the gimbal/camera is removed from the M2 and used.


I’d have thought they could just make an adaptor for the ‘normal’ Osmo that takes the Inspire / Zenmuse cameras?

Still, I’m no videographer so I’ll say no more on the subject :slight_smile:

Just had a look at Osmo stuff on the DJI site, this image made me laugh:

She’s braver than I am!

There’s no way I’d hold what, +£3k? worth of gear out the window of a moving car :rofl:


She does have the strap around her wrist. :wink:



Removu K1 - has a built in screeen and gimbal – pretty cool - I got it for doing real estate stuff indoor filming and it seems to do pretty good


Here we go:

The DJI Osmo Pocket:


(other retailers are available!)


MUCH easier to stabilise a camera that size than a mobile phone.


For sure :+1:t2:

Looks like the camera is non-removable though?


It does - but it also looks like the M2P camera?


Although given it’s intended use and price point, probably not an issue for the vloggers :slight_smile:


Sure does.

This one boasts “1/2.3-inch sensor, 80° FOV and f/2.0 aperture” but I can’t recall what the MP2 offers now :blush:


Me neither - mainly because I can’t afford any of them so it’s easier not to get too close to them. :stuck_out_tongue: #LookingAtNewDSLR #OOps


Looks rather good, actually. (This Instagram post has 3 videos if you swipe/click across.)


Looking as closely as I can - I think it’s not “designed” to be removable - but, like the M2P camera/gimbal “can be interchanged” with the M2Z camera/gimbal, they aren’t actually “sold” as interchangeable, but I’ve read that they can be and that it’s pretty easy.


1" sensor, 77 degree and f/2.8–f/11.

I remember one of the leaked images of M2P showed a similar device on a bench but it looked like it took the mavic camera.

I’ll try and find it.


Ok my Cosmo pocket is on order but not in country yet (grrr) I am off to Gran Canaria in January so it will get a full review and test and will hopefully save me taking my SLR and some lenses