M2P Extension Feet

Hi guys…
I’ve just bought the PGYTech M2P kit, that comes with a load of stuff, but the ND filters and case were worth the price on Amazon…
Anyway, it also came with the extension feet… are they worth using would you say?
Thanks in advance

I’ve got extension feet on my M2Z and find them very useful especially in areas of uneven ground and where grass may be a bit long. I’ve got the Polar Pro version which actually fold up when not in use and therefore can be left on the drone even when packed way - don’t think the PGYTECH version folds so you may have to take them off for transit. :+1:
I’ve notice no effect on flying and minimal effect on flight time.

I too have the PolarPro retractable feet and find they make a good difference, especially on grass. The lift is only about an inch or so but makes a surprising difference, especially stopping the rotors cutting the grass and the gimbal is more free without picking up any debris.

I have the PGYtech extension legs on my M2P, I think they are really good as they just lift it off the ground a little bit. An added bonus with the back legs is there is a hole in the leg meant for fitting stobe brackets, but I used the hole to cable tie the little cree strobes. You can see them in one of the photos on this thread

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