M2P night flying

So I met up with Uncle @paulmouncer tonight to have a play with the M2P as well as look at some ideas for the Golden Hour Hour Challenge.

Really impressed with the step in up in camera quality from the MP, check out the night photos, fully automatic taken around 2015hrs tonight, these are whats’apped versions that Paul sent me but it gives you an idea.

The side by side drone is a Sony A6000 photo, taken in the golden hour ;o)


Great photos Chris!

The second one is really clear, got any taken even later / darker??

I’m trying to ignore how good they are. :wink:


Great photos, wish I’d known you were about I’d have popped along to say hi. I only live a few mins up the road.

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They really are.

Next time @Brian, I’ll message you, you’ll recognise it as Wishing Well car park.

Got a bit cold, and I was only wearing sandals ;o( the car park stuff was 2030hrs ish.

Heres an tester of hyperlapse, 400 or so shots, no editing, taken straight from the camera (excuse quality its the whats app version Paul sent me), but gives you the idea of what can be achieved.

Credit for these goes to the guy who got me into flying about 3 years ago @paulmouncer I was the spotter, although with the underneath LEDS on its like a scene from Close Encounters.


Man up! It’s only September! :wink:

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And as a side, it bottomed out in sports mode at about 45mph.

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