M2Z Across the fields


Great picture Frank.
Green Flyer Badge contender?.

Frank - if either of your recent, stunning pics were taken on/since 18th May - then they’ll be eligible for our current challenge.

Take a look at the boring/essential rules : 2019 Mixed Theme Challenge - and the post that kicked off the Golden Hour section that we’re currently in. Any other Golden Hour pic is obviously eligible, too - no just the ones you’ve posted. :+1:

On that note, this photo gets you the Golden Hour Badge. :wink:


Great picture,

Thank you so much, I’m still finding my way around the GADC site though. So let me get this right, all I have to do is post one picture only stating where it was taken on the golden hour page and it will be entered into the challenge???

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Thank you mate

Thanks Chris

Yes indeed - at the bottom of the 2019 Mixed Theme Challenge thread. :+1:

Beautiful colours

Great composition Frank

Than you cheers MiMo

Thanks sparkman