MA2 Pano Shots

I took some 360° Pano pics for the first time yesterday.

I can see the sphere (screen shot attached) on the DJI Fly App and when you tap on it, the picture opens up to a 360° panorama which you can move around.

If I try to post it from the DJI Fly app (or Google Photos as well) to Instagram or WhatsApp, it just becomes a flat static picture.

Is there another step I’m missing. I believe the DJI Fly app stiches the 20+ separate pictures together already.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I haven’t been able to try it myself yet but I believe there are a few options.

  1. Upload to sky pixels and access there
  2. Use a 3rd party app like theta+ on your phone or ICE on windows

Hopefully it’s something DJI will add in a future App update but I suspect it may be too dependant on the actual phone capabilities.

This will probably help … Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To

As well as creating interactive 360 Panorama, Kuula will also create TinyPlanet images.

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If you upload the flat image to facebook then it will be an interactive 360 Photo Example the 360 photos and how they display are down to the platform that you are posting them too. Take Instagram for example they do not support 360 photos so therefore they display as a flat image. As stated above by @OzoneVibe Kuula will also support the 360 photos and display them as interactive photos :+1:t2:

Hope this helps :grin:

One advantage of Kuula is the ability to post an embedded/interactive instance on GADC …

… and using Kuula has some interesting features … like the auto-rotate and sun-flares (subjective, I know).


Or Momento360 if you’re looking for options ;o)


Thanks everyone …some useful stuff to look into!

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