MacBook - setting default app to preview .DNG files

Ok photoshop, when I’m viewing my sd card, which I usually do within preview first, what’s happening is, I can view the jpegs which launches preview but, when I go to view the dng’s it keeps opening up photoshop by default, I have rang & screen shared with apple, who can’t help me with this as they no longer support photoshop :grimacing:, I’m pretty sure it’s a setting somewhere but I honestly can not find it, as always I would really appreciate if someone knows how to turn off this default, as it’s making it a nightmare trying to view pictures before I save them too a folder, thanks in advance :crossed_fingers:t2::+1:t2:

Which application would you rather was opened for DNG file types? :thinking:

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I usually have preview open the photos, so I can view them, keep the dngs saved in a separate folder, that I can then go too once I’ve launched photo shop if that makes sense, so there all organised before, I work on them in PS ….

Edit, as this is new too me unless I’ve got it arse about face :grimacing:

I’m not sure that’s what I just asked :blush:

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Did you just want the Preview app to open all DNG files? :thinking:


Yes, then I’ll manually put them in a documents folder, then when I’ve launched photoshop, I can then open up the documents folder manually & drop in what I need too.

When I put the sd card in, the jpeg I can view in preview, but, the raw Dng open in ps by default.

In Windows I had to install a codec so that Windows would be able to preview DNG files in Windows Explorer. Without it, I would be forced to open PS each time.

Ah I see, this is where I don’t know, as I’ve had to resort to editing on my phone, hmmmm, I’m sure it’s a setting somewhere but where I have no clue :grimacing:

That shouldn’t be needed in a brand new Mac … but I don’t know how to change the default app on a Mac. :stuck_out_tongue:

Calling @milkmanchris would you happen too know mate, thanks


Thing is otherwise it’s a long arse ball ache :person_facepalming:t2:

Maybe it’s in there but where I don’t know :smiley:

This might help …

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I think his new Mac is opening PS because it has no knowledge of how to preview the DNG files in it’s native file system (the Mac equivelant of Windows Explorer). Hence, I mentioned the necessary codec on Windows to allow DNGs to show as thumbnails and allow previewing.

Just preview the jpegs and if you want to edit it open the dng file :+1:

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Before I added the codec on windows to preview in photos and to display thumbnails in explorer, the default was set to PS (perhaps by me manually), but I’ve helped someone with a Mac and it did open .DNG in PS by default … as Kirky is finding.

Didn’t change it for him since that was what he wanted.


Computer says no :smiley::grimacing:


Thankyou I’ll take a look @ that one in a mo, :+1:t2: