Magic track pad or Magic Mouse ( for apple )

I hope someone can give me a quick yes or no bit of advice, although this is for apple computer I’m sure these are available for other computers.
I was wondering which one I should buy or should I use the built in trackpad on the laptop.
I’m not asking for this to be a miracle for me now learning to edit on a pc / laptop but, rather than using the built in laptop trackpad, which one would be ideal for photo editing, or maybe easier too use overall.

Should I buy a cordless mouse or a separate track pad in the hope of better control & or ease when editing, or do people not bother, as this is a whole newish ball game to me working with pc / laptop, as suppose I’ve always been able too touch the screen on my phone, or should I buy no accessories & just use the built in mouse / trackpad, I’d be grateful of any advice, as I’d like too try & make things a bit easier if I can, while I’m learning the more difficult tasks with editing, or what would be the benefit if any if that makes sense, will I have better control in what I’m doing, I also don’t want too buy what is not needed & was hoping to hear some first hand experience / advice, many thanks ….

I use both for my iMac and just the mouse for my MBP, have done for years. The built in trackpad however good they are (and the MBP is better than most) are still a phaff when editing, either photos or videos.

If you are going down the MM/MTP route look at Better Touch Tool for some great configuration options

If you’re gonna go with an external monitor nothing beats a FCP keyboard/skin (unless you have super memory skills)


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Ok thanks Chris, all I’m looking too do is edit photos, try & make a video at some point, on the MacBook Pro,
When I went too look @ purchasing the Magic Mouse, it also offers you to buy the magic track pad as well, which didn’t help me decide, I initially thought just the mouse, then the option of the two came up which confused me hence the question / topic, I’d of hoped I would have good control with just the magic mouse & the option of the built in trackpad with the MacBook Pro, would you say that’s Sufficient for the work flow, if so then that’s the set up I’ll stick with, lastly do those apple mouses need a pad underneath like the other mouses, or do they just work on a good flat surface …… big thanks

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What’s that mean Chris ? Mac mini & something else, sorry.

They have a couple of runners on the bottom and work on any flat surface,

Buy and try, they are the bollocks.

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Magic Mouse / Track Pad

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Magic Mouse it is & thankyou very much, hopefully that’s a good start point at least ……


Both if you can absorb the price they both copliment each other mouse is better for more precise operations !


That said if i could only get one it would be the mouse solely for the precision :grimacing:

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Yeppp watched that, very good tool / app, you guys must store things in your head like a library stores books, a compliment that is, it’s like asking for a book, Yepp got that wait there :smiley: jeeeeez ……

Thanks, that’s the word I was looking for precision.

Saw a guy make something for one of these to sit in and charge at the same time, he said the only downside was if it goes flat as the charger ports on the underside.

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good point, I need to see how long they last full charge.

Edit, says about a month the charge lasts

Morning @milkmanchris , I’ve decided to get the MTP too as well as the MM, as I know I’ll be cursing myself if I don’t, after watching a few tutorials I thought I would,
As mentioned in this thread they both work hand in hand too, I’d just like to ask as I couldn’t find anyone performing the task I was looking for, maybe you would know, if I’m using the magic track pad alone, I’m going too say editing my photos for instance, will that track pad carry out all my gestures for sliding the tool bars for correction or adjustments, i know it does pinch / zoom scroll / swipe & all the other bits it does, but will that give me total control like the built in track pad, without having to click any other buttons / keys,
I was wondering how or if that pad works when your adjusting a slider for instance, as with the built in track pad / pads which I find annoying, you hold or I do rather, one finger holding the track pad so it clicks, the other hand moving around the pad, maybe some use the one hand. I hope that makes sense, if not I’ll try & re phrase.
Many thanks

Edit : I suppose it would have been easier if I’d have said, using that alone, would that give me total control for editing.