Magnetic Interference

Hi using a DJI Spark for a few years 3 times recently the drone shot off with ‘magnetic inerferenc’ showing. Twice were in a field area 500m apart. No phone masts in the area. 3rd time in an area i have flown before. Is this an issue with my drone/controller or phone. Nothing has changed in equipment etc. Any ideas …Help

Any radar sites around…? (Just a thought)

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My M2P throws that error when I use my gloves with magnetic fold back tips. Took me ages to find what was causing it. As soon as I remove the gloves, the problem ceases.

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There have been reports that the Apple Watch can cause issues …


I too have owned a Spark for a few years but I’ve not experienced this issue myself. However I know many whom have. Posts about the issue were very frequent and regular on the official DJI Spark Forum.

We’re you flying in Sport mode by any chance?

I ask as it was hypothesised that there wasn’t actually any interference at all, and that the error was due to differences in the magnetometer’s output and that of the GPS module. The magnetometer could provide a near instantaneous output with reference to the direction of travel but the GPS could only collaborate the bearing when a certain amount of distance over time had been travelled. In Sport mode the error had the capacity to become quite significant.

As I stress the above was hypothetical and DJI would not comment one way or the other.

If there was any validity to the claim then it could explain why I’ve never encountered the problem as I configured my Spark to fly in ATTI mode, meaning the GPS module, while still showing the position on the map, had no control over the drones position or flight.


Hi thank you for all your helpful responses. But just to clarify I do not own a smart watch, there was no metal structures or electric or telephone cables around so I am just mystified as to the cause.

Magnetic personality?


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I’ve had similar in my first month of owning it. I could never confirm the cause but there was a combination of possibilities
100m from Electric Pylon
Electric generator running on a site about 70m away.
I wasn’t then aware of the Solar threats to the drone so :-
A historic check on the Kp level was 6 at the time of flight.
I’ve had no similar issues but always avoid flying with a chance of a Kp level of 5.
I did try a test flight in the same location on another day but the Generator wasn’t running. No issues then or since in lots of varying locations.

To some degree, you could check the actual magnetic field in the area with an ordinary compass. It is possible that cast iron pipes below the ground may have an effect on the drone’s magnetic sensor.

Electric power lines in an area will create an alternating magnetic field close to them, but I don’t know that the effect of that would be.