Maiden Voyage


Evening guys, not had much chance to get the new kite out properly but managed to get it up outside my place after work the other day for a quick blast just to get the nerves out the way! Looking forward to dialling in the settings to how I want them to be and not just taking snapshots here and there.

Hopefully I’ve done this right…


Brilliant photos. I’m itching to get my Mavic out but weather here has been sketchy


Cheers Brian, yeah it’s not been great here but figured I’d risk taking it up in the cold, what’s the worst that could happen! :laughing:


Erm ? Don’t know
gust of wind freezes the rotors like in 2012 the movie :movie_camera:


That sounds rather dramatic!! Unfortunately I’ve not seen the film so I guess you could say ignorance is bliss? Plus it wasn’t THAT chilly. Just coat weather if your stood around in a fairly open area.


Welcome to Grey Arrows @Pete :smiley:

If you get a moment please drop by the #introductions category and say hi :wave:t2:


Flippin eck I thought I’d already done that. On it!


Good start :+1:


I was only joking
Just take it easy don’t go mad make sure you have gps lock
But most importantly enjoy flying


Nice pics, @Pete

And you even get the Golden Hour Badge for the second one. :+1:


Thanks! Yeah I’ve just noticed the badge! I’m a bit of an achievement/trophy hunter😂


Feast your eyes Pete…


And of course, don’t forget there are still five weeks to go on our Winter Treasure Hunt :smiley:


Flippin eck that challenge looks a bit…challenging!! Have to keep my eye out!