Major bug and fix for Ardupilot

There maybe others like me on here who use Ardupilot.

There has been a major announcement concerning a serious bug related to I2c issues in release 3.6.1 firmware releases specific to multirotors and heli’s and all users are urged to update to 3.6.12.

Details in the link:



@Nidge How well does Ardupilot handle the compass btw? With respect to its proximity to power wires etc. Does it still need mounting on a mast?


It’s always advisable to try and keep the compass/GPS unit clear of cabling and devices that could induce unwanted currents into the circuit.

However one feature that Ardupilot has is the ability to measure the changing magnetic fields at different throttle/load values and store this information in the flight controller so it can automatically compensate for any disturbance to the Compass/GPS unit.