Making Hay

A day of frustration - we set off to get a viaduct in the can and on arrival were met with wet conditions. Set off to find alternatives and it was only when we were near to home we found the harvesting had been done in some fields we had been keeping eyes on - bah humbug!
Anyhow as the rain had ceased I put the drone up with Anne my wife acting as lookout.

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Had the same proble last Sunday (29-08-2021) - The fine weather went somewhere else so couldn’t fly after 3 hrs of traveling to the spot, only to travel 3 hrs back and end up flying over a local wheatfield recently cropped - That’s life :wink:

nice shame u missed the harvesting but as you say thats life lol

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Thanks both.

Whilst walking to the railway station this morning to catch a bus (stop outside the station) I passed the canal and was pleased to see a boat in the lock - sightseers added to the scene. Fortunately I had my DJI Pocket Two and grabbed a picture. :eyes:

It wasn’t raining but no sun.

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absolutely beautiful!!