Manchester from the South

New drone Pictures, first flight tonight from the back garden…(Just went Straight up!!.. Mini 2 arrived yesterday :slight_smile:


Daaaammmmnnn that horizon is level :clap:t2:


Nowt to do with me I just pressed the button!! :laughing: was worried tho as it’s my first flight with the new mini 2 and it was going dark!!

ah the old pelican pub and the “hotel” along with manchester road ha :slight_smile: and south trafford college :slight_smile:

The Old Peli! about to be raised to the ground! :frowning:

Those dusky pics add the Golden Hour Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1:

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i know pretty sad :frowning: my Uncle fav Pub a.k.a Big BOB haha the fond memories over the past 20 years going there !

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Brilliant pictures, I haven’t flown in the dark as yet :flushed::thinking:

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Thanks, get a Strobon Cree STROBON Cree® Standalone – Flytron and your good to go, I took them from the back garden, straight up then down :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cheers, looks good :+1:

Graham Dawson