Manchester Night Shot

I’ve flown at night before but only above my house so I was real nervous when I went out last night in Manchester to get this shot. I kinda just wanted to be up and back down so I just let the Mavic choose the settings. When looking in the image properties after flight the ISO was from 800-900 and the pictures were a tiny bit grainy so really I should have gone into manual mode and slowed the shutter speed and brought down the ISO but hey ho, you live and learn.


Wow :heart_eyes:

I used to both live and work in Manchester back in 2000-2002, still got bit of a soft spot for it :slight_smile:

Amazing photo, I was only talking to my wife just last night about taking some night time shots. I have no idea how they’d come up but that looks really good!

I’d say that same location you used there would make a great Hangar360 shot too!

Thanks for sharing :smiley:

PS. If you do try again, please share the settings with us too :+1:

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Great shot. I’m really impressed with that tiny camera on the Mavic.

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Any problems getting airborne in the city ? I have tried to fly at Media City but the compas is constantly unable to calibrate

@PingSpike here’s the 360 from nearly the same spot although I’ve never tried a nighttime 360 :astonished:

@StevenPSCC I’ve drove around media city a few times but I can’t find a decent takeoff/landing point where I won’t get questioned. So I’ve never turned the Mavic on around there so I haven’t experience the compass errors. I think there’s some broadcasting satellites around there though that might be the problem.

Security have given me no issues, I go around a lot with my DSLR and I’m a familiar face there. Once the Mavic gets airborne the compas seems to be OK but I’m not risking it with all that water, so I just go straight up and down

I’ll be in Manchester Sunday…but not droning unfortunately. I think I’ll be in a NFZ too so wouldn’t even spin up I don’t think. Too near Strangeways lol

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