Manual focus Issue - prevents shooting and settings change


I have just been trying manually focus my mavic today but it seems to then prevent me from taking any pictures.

It doesn’t let me change to movie settings or shoot a picture.

If I restart it and it’s in AF it works fine. It’s only when I try to manually focus it seems to fail.

I have the latest firmware for app (4.1.20) and aircraft / controller (01.04.0100) and I’ve checked for an update.

Any ideas guys? Anyone experiencing a similar issue?

Thanks in advance,

Sounds like a possible software bug… what happens if you leave it in manual, turn off and on? Does it let you shoot then? Or does it have the same issue

I have tried restarting the drone as you said but it resets back to AF everytime, then works as expected until I change the MF again.

I will try turning the RC off / on while the drone is on and see if that resets the issue - see whether its the drone or the RC causing the issue.

Restarting the RC does not clear the issue - it remains - so RC restarts still in MF mode but won’t save or allow me to change camera mode.

Very annoying.


Apparently it’s a known issue and the devs are due to fix it.

Fingers crossed it is quickly.

Good news that they’re aware of it :+1:

Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon!