Manual tracking a RIB with the mini 3 pro

Spotted some RIBs setting off this morning when i went shopping, now did getting a flight in or the shopping take priority? What do you think. :thinking: :crazy_face:

Just manually followed, could do with it happening more often to get practice.


I know when I tried to for the Birthday Comp - the rib was far too fast :joy:

Awesome Steve. They don’t hang about do they! Love the music too :+1:

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I’ve followed the Red Jet passenger boats to and from the Isle of Wight. Easy to forget how far you’re actually going out! :joy:

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Make it happen!

Find the RIB owners, show them the video and ask if you can film next time they are out. You could even film from the boat :slight_smile:


Love the title Steve.:+1:

I need to move near an estuary or at least somewhere near the coast to be able to just drop shopping, grab a drone and fire off filming Ribs. :rofl:.

Like it :grin:

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Must be a fairly slow RIB. A decent one will cruise on the plane at 25kts and bigger beasts 30-40.

Oh i don’t know about it being that slow, i’ve had my mini 3 pro at 38mph in sport mode

But on this run i was clocking 35mph 15.8m/s