Maplin have a big price drop

Massive savings to be had it seems on DJI items at Maplin. Just spreading the word in case anybody is looking to buy an aircraft or accessories.


Good point … they’re in administration … probably going under.

Yep, Mavic Air £538, MPP Flymore £1021.
Just hope it’s delivered before they stop trading :smiley:


Pay using a credit card, just in case!

That’s a cracking price!

The Air is £769 on Argos :open_mouth:

Interesting that the Air is store-collection only, they have none in the warehouse.

Clock’s ticking!

A shame Maplin couldn’t hold off their demise until a few weeks after the release of the MP2. :stuck_out_tongue:

And to the point where creditors (DJI) were still supplying to their warehouses :wink:

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But still… £538 for a brand new Air… hmmm… :thinking:

I am surprised they have discounted them so much TBH they would sell at just £50 off surely

MPP Flymore is £1459 on Argos, making the Maplin one +£400 off :open_mouth: :+1:

Do they sell Crystal Sky?

Or crystal meths

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No, they don’t…

But I’ve just seen the Inspire 2 reduced from £3,059 to £2,141

That’s NINE HUNDRED QUID off the RRP!!

Could probably buy one and sell it straight on at a profit, at that price!

Yeah, easily…

Hmmm… @SharkBait you might want to return yours and buy from Maplin!

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That’s cruel! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a genuine suggestion!

Don’t know where he purchased from, but it might be doable if he bought it less than 30 days ago?

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Am tempted by the price mm how to get that through the front door past the “how much was that “police


Yeah, this bottle of red wine, a credit card and Maplin going bust are a dangerous combination!!!


I thought bagging my MPP flymore for 1240 at Amazon was a good deal but this price is incredible

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