Marquis of Anglesey Column, Anglesey

A quick golden hour flight to have a look at this fine Georgian Column, built to commemorate a local Waterloo hero. Mavic pro Platinum with no filters this time.


Thanks for the comment - only jumped once when the sensors picked up I was 10 feet off the railings lol Just has EV set to sunny with blinks and focus peaking on - gently adjusted the blinks as it flew cos the sky was blown out - Im finding doing it this way when I adjust the wheel its not a dramatic change to overall exposure. I wanted to do a reveal by flying up the column but the trees are badly uncontrolled so encroach so much the sensors wouldn’t have it, so I tried a reveal from ground level instead.

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The moon over his head made it lol - but wow the light dropped real quick.

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Is that a technical photographers terminology

Glad I’m not the only one with big thumbs and a small mobile :joy:

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Cool video, I really like it, half expected to see the ghost of John Noakes sat on top. Funny how it brought back memories of him climbing Nelsons column.
If I may be a little critical, could you do the same video but use a fly mode such as ‘circle’ and add a little bit of music, royalty free of course.

Thats being helpful not critical :+1: - I had wanted to do an orbit etc but thats for another day now I know where I can take off from without getting mithered. Fortunately the rock the column is on is well above the nearby super grid so having scoped it out I think I will try a variety of flight modes - its a good subject the old fella on top.
When I was younger, they used to have regular assails off the platform - great fun stepping out. Sadly "Elf n safety " have put pay to that enjoyment.


Thanks for seeing at as intended. Now you’ve scoped it out and found somewhere to take off and fly around without fear of being mithered, I suppose you can relax a bit and try out different fly modes. Hone the skills. I look forward to seeing them. One other thing I forgot to mention…its a great title introduction, very professional.

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I think they call that ‘ constructive criticism’

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