Marsworth Reservoirs

Lovely sunny morning for this, and although I wasn’t particularly adventurous (I had a scary moment which I’ll post about in another thread) I’m quite pleased with the quality of this video considering I didn’t grade it:

Still waiting for some filters to arrive.

I’m intending to re-edit it with information about the location before submitting it to Dronescene, so any comments welcome :slight_smile:


Beautiful scenery.

Ozonevibe plus music compliments the footage

Not when my phone was still in overnight DND mode … :wink:

BTW, (and a bit OT) at 19 seconds you can see an example of the yaw control freezing - the drone is rotating anticlockwise and well as tracking forward and the video should be smoothly pivoting. However, you can see the the yaw halt for beat.

I’ll return to that other thread for further discussion :slight_smile:

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I had noticed that and just thought “pilot finger problems”. LOL! :wink:

Is that a recognised medical condition Dave? :smiley:


Quite probably. Dronodigititis?