MAS Upgrade Propellers for DJI Mavic Pro & Pro Platinum

Here at last to buy on Amazon UK with no risk of import duty

Is there something similar for the mavic Air? I will be flying around nature reserves next year (with permission of course) and anything to lessen my impact would be great.


Performance STEALTH propellers


They’re BRIGHT ORANGE :rofl:

But no, in all seriousness, what’s the deal with these @oi69 ?

I’ve not heard of them before? How do they fair vs the original DJI low noise props mate?

i was reading about them on another forum had a good review but you could only buy from the US and yes nice orange 1s

how bloody ugly do they look !, each to his own.

Say what you think Chris, don’t beat about the bush mate :rofl:

The seller is based in Bulgaria - but I’m guessing that doesn’t affect import duty etc because it’s on Amazon?

Anyone else come across these before?

The official DJI low noise props are cheaper (albeit by just £1) so curious to know of the advantages these ones offer :+1:t2:

Sorry Rich, it’s just I am an old fashioned Guy who likes things to look right.
In black fine, but ,orange ,not for me !

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Hi I just opened both links and the DJI props are more expensive.
:thinking:How much difference in noise do they really make?

OK sorry stand corrected there are others further down that are cheaper.

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Reviving an old thread I know but I’ve just ordered a set of these (the MAS ones) for my Mavic Pro Platinum. It seems genuine DJI replacements are difficult to get with many places out of stock.
I thought I’d managed to find some last night and placed an order but the company refunded me this morning saying they were out of stock and had no idea when they’d be getting any in.
The colour doesn’t bother me either :smiley: :smiley:

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