Master airscrew mavic air props


For those that may be interested…


Will search comparison reviews if any available for starters. Most Air owners would be interested in less ZWIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !! :open_mouth::+1: Thanks for post.


I’d waited ages for these to come out, then they finally do a few weeks after I go to the M2!

The feedback on the MP props seems to be good


For us newbies with an Air as our fist proper drone (Me).

  1. Will using these invalidate my public liabilities insurance? I guess not, but unsure.
  2. Will using these invalidate my DJI Refresh?
  3. Is this a reputable company (been used before)?
  4. What is the downside, apart from spending 21 bucks?

I am probably asking questions that I can read about in the small print, but I find reading small print quite painful, hence my questions to those with experience in these matters.



  1. You’d need to check with your insurer. It’s like modifying a car, it’s normally OK but you’ll need to tell your insurer.

  2. Probably. You’re adding a non DJI product to the device. They more than likely won’t accept liability if they’ve not supplied the props

  3. Yes, They make props for many different craft, not just drones.

  4. Feedback on their MP props suggest that they’re quieter than stock, but not necessarily quieter than the low noise props. One of the challenges with the Air is the small prop size creates a high-pitch sound and it’s this that carries almost as much as the volume. It’s why you can hear a scream over a shout. As yet, there’s no online reviews of the MA props.


Many thanks Lee @leeheyes


The biggest issue I have always seen with buying props that are different to the originals is that there’s no point buying just 4.
Because you must NEVER mix make/style, if one gets a little damaged - you don’t have a replacement … which means you now have 3 unusable props and revert back to using originals.

And - the cost of getting 8 “to try” is a painful price … even if you like them … etc.

A bit of a Catch-22.

Edit: Of course you could buy 4 to try and then another 4 for spares if you like … but then you’re usually into the realms of two lots of shipping charges. You can’t win!


The props are $21 for a pack of 4 and shipping is $15. I nearly went for it, but stopped at the £15 shipping page :open_mouth:.


Thanks @leeheyes will definitely look into these but might be worth waiting till Amazon or a UK supplier are selling them to get shipping costs down.


DJI did bring out some Low Noise props out for the Mavic Pro, some time after the drone was released.
Perhaps if enough people bleated at them to introduce them for the Air, they would produce ones similar to the Mavic Pro.
As has been said, must only be a matter of time before someone finds the niche market for them !.
I was surprised that they never put them on the Air from the start !.
Especially as they had done some for the MP !.


Says the guy with light up in the dark props :rofl:


Yes - but they are for fun and if one got damaged I’d just bin them all.


Certainly interested for the claimed flight times as much as the reduced noise

Enhanced efficiency and up to 12% improved flight time compared to stock propellers. Get up to 2.5 min of extra flight time for those best shots you aim for.


You’ve probably witnessed 75% of my airtime with them. :stuck_out_tongue:




I have contacted the MAS Amazon UK shop to ask when they may become available from them.


Have to say those illuminated rotors do look good! :sunglasses:


For a bit of fun, they are.


I have seen the light up ones on Amazon tonight, and seen some carbon fibre one which reduce noise and increase flight time but the reviews say they affect the signal really bad.


Can’t see how they would affect signal in any way.