Master airscrew mavic air props


Hensych® Carbon Fiber Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers Blade for DJI Mavic Air (2 Pair)

That’s the link if anyone wants to look. You will know better than me mate


How do they work? Is there a battery or summat?

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Yup. Central battery and LEDs down one prop.


Oooooh, where did you get those ?


Amazon - search Mavic Pro LED Propellers


Got this reply from Master Airscrew

Hi Brian, Thanks for choosing Master Airscrew. Yes, the Mavic Air props should be on in April Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Best regards, MAS Team


Just seen this on YT though no sign of them being available yet on Amazon uk

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Always interested in Air prop alternatives :+1:


Give it 3 months, and the Chinese will be flooding the market with copies of them !.

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Yet another trick DJI have missed during their development stage of the Mavic 2 !.
Not that I am saying they have not improved the noise on the Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom !.

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Tested on another channel. If no changes made to settings error message “Current Error. Check your propellers” comes up. Need to adjust Gain and Yaw to stop that. Vertical to 90 and yaw to 110. Noise levels are down 2 db.


I don’t bother with Mavic Pilots … but just done some catch-up and seen several different reports of the “Motor Current Error. Check your propellers.” message appearing when using them, as @Manty mentioned.

One video compared with stock, and they appear to have a very significantly increased pitch … which could easily explain this message.
The visual difference works be enough for me to avoid … if I had an Air, that is.


Saw this one yesterday from 51 drones. He talks about a slight vibration and also no improvement in battery life but does show that that are quieter! Jury’s still out for me.


Yes the pitch is much increased. I agree with your comments and will not be using them.