Master Airscrew props for Mini 2 & SE

Just announced, MAS Stealth props for the DJI Mini 2 & SE

The link below will give you 5% discount if you want to order some

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Ooooooo :sunglasses:

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My thought exactly…so I ordered two sets :slight_smile:


I’m sure no one really cares, but this recently got added to CAP 722.


Can you do a little review / comparison when you get them ?

As noted below by @ensignvorik , it looks like CAA are wanting only original parts to be used on drones soon :frowning: Its a shame if slightly less buzzy or quieter blades are available

Where did you read that @Christopher ?

That’s going to make a home build impossible surely ?

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CAA release here - Updates about drones | UK Civil Aviation Authority

I saw it discussed on the aforementioned video UK Droners Need to Know This! CAA Issue New Drone Guidance! Propellers! UK Drone Rules! - YouTube

Its a bit of a pain for us Mini2 etc users, but sensible.



Agreed, but thanks for the details @Christopher :smiley:

Ok, back on topic now, sorry @MartG1960 !

And yes, also looking forward to hearing how the props go.

Did you have to pay (somewhat large!) their delivery fee?

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$17.96 delivery - yet to see if I get hit for import duty or VAT


I think if you build it yourself its fine as you need to know what you are doing more, but for DJI type mass market / complete drones the proposal makes sense. I am interested in knowing how these sound, but I guess the worry is about cheap or poorly made props being sold and badly fitted etc and then causing an issue.

Indeed a recommendation. The problem comes when you try to make insurance claims and are not using original parts, but until someone ends up that situation we just don’t know how it will pan out.

To be honest it may already be in the small print for insurance, I’ve never used 3rd party parts so haven’t dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on that.

I think you’d have a good case if you were using parts from a reputable manufacturer like Master Airscrew, less so if using cheap knock-off props bought on ebay from China

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:rofl: yea thats not always the case i’m proof of that :crazy_face:

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Well they’re here :slight_smile:

Not fitted yet as I want to shoot a back to back comparison video to see if they sound different or quieter


Man I wish they made these for Autel drones… the colour match is perfect :smiley:

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How will they know? Will it be clear from the flight data?

Back to back comparison of the sound OEM v MAS props


Some careful editing and you could make them play the national anthem ;o)

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