Matlock Bando meetup 03/10/21

Hi all, just a quick question would anyone care for a spot of fpv flying down at the Matlock Bando (53.14172443387249, -1.582092287727731) on Sunday 3rd of October around late morning midday ish. Would meetup in the Sainsburys petrol station around the corner (Cawdor Way, Matlock DE4 3SP) then proceed to the parking spot. Anyone’s welcome.


Very possibly :+1:

Quite possibly - looks like a great spot

Possible for me too, should be able to arrive midday/early afternoon

So… I’m available and it’s not far away from me…

I’m not sure mine, or my son’s, flying skills are quite up to the Matlock bando. I sense issues with trees and rooves. We’ve had enough issues at the other, easier, bando nearby…

However it would be really good to meet up with you guys…

Id love to but its nearly 3 hours from me.

Ayup yith I went to other week to have a look round there is a large open space around the back. I’m new to flying and it’s enough for me to have a good time.

Sounds good to me!

Think I fried my motors loads of like silicone blue stuff is melting out and my motors got really hot for some unkown reason. Stock pids haven’t even tuned it yet.

Is it a custom build or a BnF/RTF ?

Custom. Some of the wires have started to like move and come away

But I did smash it into a crossbar hard

did you fly it after that and then this occured? or was it when you picked it up from that you noticed it?

I crashed it hard frame broke didn’t fly for like 4 day built on new frame was OK first 2 days then flown it earlier today and they are stupid hot. And blue purple silicone gell is leaking out of them.

and all 4 motors are now getting that hot?

Double check your frame and all the bolts are tight?

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Prop balance, soldering etc sounds like they are drawing too much current if they are getting hot.

Yeah all 4. Motors screws are tight frame is fine nothing is moving that can cause vibration. I have tried 2 brands of prop and both are the same. I have some new motors on order bcs of that blue stuff have melted and the wiring have come apart slightly.

Is this still happening?

Yes mate don’t know who else but im there what ever the weather

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