Mavic 2 battery died - AFTER a flight! - All very worrying!


the battery problem, cos it’s clear to me there is a problem with the MP2, contrary to what they are saying !


You said you’ve not read up anywhere else and are now just fueling paranoia.

We have Oli’s incident which we couldn’t prove either way due to a flag indicating loose battery.

Then we have battery which completed a successful flight but won’t turn on. There has been faulty intelligent batteries for years

If your going to talk about people grounding their drones at least do some research.

Are you going to ground your Air?


I am not fueling anything, just my personal opinion, besides, I don’t own one…yet.



ME - Should I ground my Mavic 2 until there is a statement from DJI around the Mavic 2 battery issue?


DJI - I do apologize David, but I can’t guaranty you when will it will have a results of the investigation regarding on the battery issue. Were it may take some time for it.

Frankly… I find these responses crappy enough to stir up emotions.

I read through this and its like Dave is talking to a Fcuk up version of a Chinese HAL.


Battery_State_Absent appears to be the drone is receiving power from the battery through the voltage terminals but not receiving anything on the communication terminals.

The only way I could recreate it was to unclip battery and slowly wiggle it out. It logs this error while maintaining power.

For a complete power failure I doubt you would see this message as the aircraft would have no power to log that battery data was not present.

I think it’s DJI’s way of denying claims where the battery has not been fitted correctly.

Whether it works correctly and only shows in that condition we don’t know.


You think it might be a chat bot?


It comes across as one to me.


They use bot moderators on the DJI forums. I had heard people talking about chat bots but thought it would be more obvious myself.


They have standard quick response buttons to give them time to read. Not unusual. All to do with keeping things calm.


I am a great believer in prevention is better than cure sometimes.
I have for some time, on all my drones use a specialist Contact cleaner, to prevent oxidisation of the contacts, I swear by it !.

I spray it on the battery terminals on both the drone and the battery, and it does give the surface protection, and maintains good contact with its mating partner.
This is something I have done with problematic contacts in PC’s in the past (RAM, Graphics, PCI Slots, etc)
I first used it on my first Phantom, as they were prone to bad contacts inside the drone, where the battery connected.
And, unlike some cleaners, has no degrading effect on plastic.


Sorry chaps! Didn’t mean to start a panic :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I’m guessing if there was a widespread problem we’d of heard about it by now…however…

It is a new battery design and I have been flying quite a bit, with nearly 40 flights in the 4 weeks I’ve had it, cycling between the two batteries I have.

Hopefully it’s a one-off, but just as I’m starting to be fully relaxed with it - this happens. I’m guessing DJI will just replace the battery with a new one with no explanation and that will take a few weeks I guess, in the mean-time I’m going to be back to one battery :frowning:

I don’t think it was a chat bot - the spelling was pretty bad - indicating a real person. :grin:

I always record the screen when flying and after reviewing it I can see no warnings at all and the voltage was as expected through both batteries. Hey-ho :man_shrugging:


You’ve not started a panic mate. Your post was just stating the facts :+1:


Very useful ones, too. :+1:


How about contacting Amazon, or is that too late to do? Just a thought.


I got part way through it - I’d probably have to return the whole package - M2-and-all - which would be a faff :frowning: I may give it a try yet.


It would probably be quicker than sending the battery to DJI and not knowing if you’ll ever see one returned.


Was it a package or drone and extra battery seperately?

Amazon do refunds and exchanges no problem for single item on a larger order.

Good thing as well is you will have refund as soon as you drop off the parcel or they will dispatch and you return within 30 days.


It was a package and I got the 2nd battery on it’s own - that battery is fine.

I’m on to Amazon now - they want me to send the whole thing back for a refund :frowning:
Which I’m not gonna do - me and Zoomy have bonded now :wink:


Just ask for an exchange on the battery you purchased separately. It is hard to keep track which ones which after all :wink:

You can do it through your orders without speaking to anyone and will be refunded when the parcel starts tracking.

Or live chat and they normally create a new order and give you a month to return.


Been there! Done That! (This is my 2nd M2Zoom - the 1st one bricked during the 1st FW update the day I got it - but that’s another story :wink: )