Mavic 2 battery died - AFTER a flight! - All very worrying!

I’ve just been out for a few flight’s at a local park, all went well, lots of fun had, 2 batteries used. No alerts during flight at all.
However the 2nd battery wouldn’t light up when I pressed the button when I packed it all away before returning home… I thought nothing of it until I got home 20 minutes later and tried to charge it…

Bugger all happens when plugged into the charger - nothing, ZIP, Zilch, Nada.
1st battery has charged fine - so not a charger issue.
Batteries are always allowed to cool after a flight.

I’ve just contacted DJI via chat - I’ll post the conversation below.
What’s concerning me is there have been reports on several forums of, (a few), M2’s dropping from the sky with zero warning.

I’m still not sure if he was saying there is a wider issue or it’s just lost in translation and he’s talking solely about my battery - what do you lot think?


DJI Support

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DJI - Thank you for contacting DJI Technical Support. This is Kevin. How may I help you today?

DJI - Hello, it would certaincly be a pleasure to help you. Let me know how can I be of service today?


ME - Hi, I’ve just got back home after being out for a flight and my Mavic 2 Zoom battery won’t charge - it had fully cooled down befor I tried to charge it - no lights come on at all. Can you help?

DJI - I can only imagine how you feel right now after knowing what happened But you got me now. I will do what’s necessary to help you out and take this off your back.

DJI - May I know if anything had happened before the issue occurred?


ME - No - not a thing - it flew and landed perfectly - Landed at approx 15% left. Put it away - drove home and plugged it in to charge and nothing happens at all. Nothing happens when I press the button on the battery either.

ME - I do have Care refresh also - if that helps :slight_smile:

DJI - I see, thank you for that information David. May I know how long have you try to charge the battery?

DJI - Oh okay, glad to know that David.

ME - It’s been plugged in for approx 20 minutes.


DJI - Oh okay, and no lights is showing for that long correct?

ME - Correct - dead as a Dodo :slight_smile:


DJI - I see, I’m sorry to hear about that David. For this case it is possible an internal issue on the battery I would suggest to send the battery for diagnosis so our engineers can physically check what cause the issue to happen. May I know when and where was the unit purchased?

ME - I bought the drone from

DJI - Thank you very much.


DJI - Can you also provide me the serial number of the battery so I can verify it please?

DJI - It will be with the QR sticker containing 14 alphanumeric characters.


ME - its…

ME - Serial Number

DJI - Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate it.


DJI - Alright I was able t verifyt that it was purchased in UK and it is the same with the activation date when you purchase the unit. For this case you will only need to send the battery for diagnosis David.

DJI - To process on sending your unit for repair, please create an online repair request first. You may use our online repair features to process the repair case by clicking on this link: DJI

DJI - After creating a repair case you will need to wait within 2 business days, for further instruction on where and how to send your unit to our repair facility via email.


ME - Is there no faster way? I was hoping for a quicker turn-around?

ME - It’s actually quite worrying that the battery appears to be faulty :frowning:

DJI - You may try to check with the recommended service center in UK David if they will accept for the battery.

DJI - I understand how you feel right now David and I do apologize for the inconvenience regarding on that.


DJI - Here is the recommended service center in UK David.

DJI - It can also be checked on this list for it.

ME - I’ve read several issues people have had on the DJI forums where their M2 has dropped from the sky with zero warning… is there a known battery issue with the M2?

DJI - Oh our engineers is undergoing investigation regarding on that matter David.


ME - Thats very worrying

DJI - I do apologize for the inconvenience regarding on it.

DJI - For this case what we can only suggest is to send the battery to our repair facility for diagnosis on the issue on it David. And it will also undergo testing and quality assessed before sending it back.


DJI - You can also try to check with our recommended service center if they can process for the battery.

ME - mmmm… it may be easer for me to return it to Amazon

DJI - Oh okay, I understand you may also try to with that option David.

DJI - I do apologize again for the inconvenience with this issue.

ME - So you’re saying DJI is investigating a battery issue with the Mavic 2?


DJI - Yes that is correct David. but it will take time for it.

ME - Should I ground my Mavic 2 until there is a statement from DJI around the Mavic 2 battery issue?


DJI - I do apologize David, but I can’t guaranty you when will it will have a results of the investigation regarding on the battery issue. Were it may take some time for it.

ME - So to be clear - DJI is investigating sudden failures of Mavic 2 batteries right now?


DJI - Yes it is possible to be right now but I can;t guaranty you when it will have a result since it needs to be a properly investigation and test.

ME - So there have been other Mavic 2 battery failures - but in flight?


DJI - I can’t guaranty you with other battery failures during flight David since as of the moment it is with the batery falling in the sky for it.

ME - Sorry - I didn’t understand that last reply.

DJI - Sorry about that, what I mean was with other battery failures we don’t have information if there any other battery failures David.


DJI - Sorry for the misunderstanding.

DJI - As of the moment we don’t have information regarding on the know battery issues David. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

ME - Ok - is there a known battery issue with the Mavic 2, where the battery fails with no warning? And DJI are investigating this now?

DJI - Regardin gon that DAvid.


DJI - Regarding on that David, we don’t have yet information with the no warnings David but we suggest to have the unit to be sent back for investigation due to that incident to be checked.

DJI - I do apologize for the inconvenience regarding on that matter David.


ME - Have there been many Mavic 2 battery failures to your knowlege?

DJI - Not really David, since it is normally with some other issues like charging issues swollen overcharge. But for know issues I do apologize but we dont’ have yet information for it.

ME - I’m trying to determine if it’s safe for me to fly my Mavic 2…


DJI - Just make sure to have a flight check and see if it windy or safe to fly depending on the location David to have a safe flight.


ME - I always do - however that’s not going to stop a battery failing mid flight if there’s a known issue with Mavic 2 batteries.

DJI - I do apologize for the inconvenience regarding on that matter David. But we dont have yet information regarding on the know issue for the battery.

ME - This is VERY concenring

DJI - I understand how you feel right now David, and I do apologize again for the inconvenience regarding on it.


ME - So - is it safe to use my Mavic 2?

DJI - For now with the charging issue, please proceed with the online repair request or you may contact our recommended service center to have the battery checked.

DJI - Yes David, just make sure the unit is within your line of sight and avoid any interferrence and windy environment.

Also make sure the firmware of both and the remote contorller is fully updated.


ME - Ok, I will raise a ticket.

Thank you for your understanding.

Rest-assured your unit will be fixed and tested by our engineers before sending the unit back.

Is there anything else I may help you with for now?

ME - No, that’s fine thanks.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to DJI today, it has been a pleasure chatting with you today. We are always here to help


Have a great day! Bye for now.

ME - Buh Bye.

Bye David!

Thank you for contacting DJI Technical Support. Please contact us again if you have any questions.


Interesting! Especially their response to M2s “falling from the sky”.

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Is there any evidence that the cells have swelled inside the battery casing? Bulging or a curved base?

Nope - not a thing - physically perfect.

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Yup - I’d read that :anguished:

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They ended up attributing the fail to a “Battery_State_Absent” … as in “not properly fitted”.
It would be interesting to see if your last flight had that error message at any point, too.
I’m still convinced that adding this new “Battery_State_Absent” error message and sensor can screw with the battery firmware causing it to die.

In that case, the M2P and battery were never retrieved to make further checks.

Just completed some tests with a power meter - plug the charger into it and you get a readout of power used.

Having the battery connected has no affect on mains power drain at all - it’s like the battery isn’t there.

If the battery failed you could assume this would show as “Battery_State_Absent”

I suppose I’m lucky it failed after landing :man_shrugging:

But I feel for anyone who has had their Mavic Drop from the air due to “Battery_State_Absent” and DJI blames pilot error.

Send my the log file if you want - I’ll take a look at it and see if that message appeared at any point.

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This battery fail scenario is what’s is holding me back from purchasing the MP2, all I have read is concerning, I would have one tomorrow, but, but, but !.
I have never crashed ,or had a problem in flight that I cannot answer for, and I do not want it to be the MP2 it happens to !.
I would be really pissed if I bought one from the start and I had the “Fall from the sky” syndrome, or some other reason.
I recall having dealings on the phone, and online with DJI over the Phantom 2 Vision + “Black Screen” shit. I distrust them so much after that the lying toads !!.
Luckily I had the skills (once I knew the problem) to get over it, this is a lot more dire than that !

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This issue with MP2 is bigger than DJI will admit to due to the hoopla fan fair they presented at the release and the volumes sold. It’s going to make for bad press and the damage to their reputation will be high.


If you look back at every release there has been “dropping out the sky” issues.

I held off buying the MP for 8 months because of all the scare stories.

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I strongly believe that the issue with the Inspire Battery (and others in the high Pro range) is just the tip of the iceberg !.I would rather they just lay there cards on the table and admit the problems, instead of sideswiping them, swerving around the problem !.
They would gain a lot more respect from customers, than trying to bullshit them !.

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So are you all reading the chat session as if DJI know of a M2 battery issue? I’m not 100% :man_shrugging:

I personally have not been reading anywhere, just here.
I don’t believe that after ALL the drones that I have had of the DJI Range (which is most of the more popular ones) that, I have just been lucky with what I have had.
I do believe that in keeping the firmware up to date (as I have. with ALL my drones) is important.
But not at the cost of the buggers dropping out of the sky for no fault of the operator !.
That’s shit. in any language !

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Its a fairly standard response from DJI when you present a problem, “Our engineers are working on it”.

As seen countless times over on the forums, the customer service staff are kept in the dark and really only guess what is going on.

From the DJI forums there have been a couple of failures mid flight but it’s not a widespread problem as far as I can see.

Google any drone model with “fall out sky” and it’s just a common thing discussed with any drone.

With all these M2 issues I’m reading about, I’m grounding my M2P until DJI comes up with some results and a fix.

Best you tell that to @Olid34, I bet he would not agree with you ! Callum.
His personal experience with DJI stinks from what I have read.
Full marks to Dave for trying to get to the bottom of his failure.
That is what I like about this Forum, There is always someone who wants to help you out, instead of bickering, taking the piss, slagging you off, etc.

Well he purchased another

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good for him, hope he grounds it till this is sorted !

What is sorted?