Mavic 2 Jittery Videos

I am getting really jittery footage from my Mavic 2. I am recording at 25fps with a shutter of 1/50 and using the D Log profile with h.265 and my movements are very slow and smooth. Has anyone else had these issues and know how to resolve? My SD card is one of the recommended cards and I notice when I shoot quickshots, the footage is smooth (it looks like it uses 30fps and h.264).

It could be simply a sharpness setting being too high? Or we could be clutching at straws all day long :blush:

If you could upload an example to Vimeo or YouTube and share a link please :+1:t2:

H265 will have the jitters on anything but the latest computers with the built in GPU decoders that can handle it.

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It happens when the file is exported too, even if I downgrade to 1080p

True, will try to get something up later. I’ve looked at everything and think next time I will just use Normal and h.264.

1080p what? H264 or H265?


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Then I’d question the SD card’s write speed ability.

Just ran a test and got around 85 mb/s read and around 80 mb/s write

I seem to recall the M2P can be pushing 90, so absolutely on the limit.

I’m using this one which I thought was more than capable

You were getting reads of 80, and the spec on that link suggests reads of up to 170. So there’s a discrepancy on that value.

What were you using to render the footage as 1080 H264?
A very basic conversion using something as awesome as Handbrake might provide insight. If that is still jumpy, then it’s guaranteed the original is. And if the original is, nearly everyone with the same issue with the M2P has traced it back to the SD Card.

Davinci Resolve, I’ve just tried it again now and you can clearly see it jitter. Using the same card in the Osmo Pocket and get good results on normal mode so think I’ll just switch back to that for the time being.

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D-log M is 10bit, that will be your problem.

You need a beast of a computer to work with it.

Are you sure thats not 80MB/s (megabyte)?

Mavic 2 records at 100Mb/s which is 12.5MB/s.

A U3 V30 card is guaranteed minimum of 30MB/s so we’ll above the M2P write speed.

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Yes megabytes sorry. That’s what I thought, should handle it easily.

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