Mavic 2 Pro First Flight Video

Mavic 2 Pro first flight in my Local Park to test its functions.
All seems well, I am astounded at the Camera, glad i choose the Pro and not the Zoom !
This video is straight from the media card, no editing no specific settings!.
The video was in 4K set at Auto.
I am hoping the weather is going to improve to get some sunny video next time!.


Bumped it over from #media to #media:videos

Oops!, sorry !, thanks Dave

Good luck with that, until next week at least …

Yup, my thoughts exactly,
just saw a window in the weather here for an hour, damn cold though, my fingers were freezing after just 2 mins !.!
(Park was really quiet, so was the drone !)

Perfect here … for a short while.

Shame I have to sit and wait for an Amazon delivery.

So it’s not coming by drone then?:rofl:

The quietness of the MP2 is something I noticed from having the MP. It’s very unobtrusive

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I agree Brian, they have done a lot to make it more streamline.
Rounded off the sharp corners of the legs, which gives it a more aerodynamic shape.
Props are not much bigger than the Mavic Pro, but, much qiueter.
So… i have a decision to make now…
Do i get rid of any of my drones…
still love to fly them all, at various times, just to get use from them…
But, i am fast coming to the thought of getting rid of my P2V+, P3A, and probably my P4…
I am aware that i am not going to get a realistic price for them, but, i would rather they go to a good home than sit here doing nothing.
I have modded the P2V+ with just about everything you can do to it ! (antennas, gimbal control, etc) plus all the usual mods you could do to them.
Ah well?, decisions, decisions!.

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Thanks for the video Chris i know your working tonight so will check in the morning for a reply
i see you did the 90 deg pan with the gimbal but at that angle it shows the leg so maybe not as good an idea as you said (well at that angle anyway)
my little present came today just had a play and will up a video my first tests (its a bit cringeworthy but you have to start somewhere…)

Ok Chris I’m downstairs now on the main tv (wife as finished hogging the bloody thing and wow in full 4k nice colours straight out of the box

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Yeah, have to say she flys like a dream, no issues, so far.
It is totally different to the Mavic Pro and Air.
Hope for some fine weather soon, today’s test was quite cloud and dull, but impressed with the results, considering everything was auto.
In hindsight I should have tilted Camera down then leg would not have shown, we live and learn!.

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